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TToole, the content manager for group training

The TToole system for group training was designed for interactive tables and multi-touch screens and conceived for synchronous training in the classroom.

Training content is managed in a way similar to the LMS employed in e-learning, but the system also offers some specific functions aimed at promoting collaboration and boosting discussion.

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Collaborative learning on a multitouch table: TToole and the groups

TToole, simple by design

The TToole platform has been designed by our UX and Interaction Design experts to ensure it is so simple anyone can use it.

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TToole boosts collaboration

The interactive surfaces and touch tables have proved effective in boosting collaboration, as testified both by direct experience and scientific literature.

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Collaborative learning on a multitouch table

TToole has various fields of application

TToole allows for the upload of any kind of training content, from post-diploma training to professional courses for the financial, administrative and medical fields. Thanks to the content creation tool, trainers can build their own programmes in total independence.

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