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Why don’t you just do it with 4 tablets/iPads?

That’s very different. Tablets enable you to work independently but also introduce isolation in the class which already exists. While a table brings people together and forces real collaboration/project based learning.

The hardware can be expensive!

Not really: All-in-One PC’s or a multitouch screen continue to reduce in price, making it equivalent or cheaper than four good quality tablets. Additionally, the software can be purchased on a pay-per-use basis with no additional constraints.

Can I use it with my Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)?

You could use the IWB in place of the tablet to host the class content. Soon we will be able to split the IWB in to two as this is probably most appropriate for usage when it is hung on a wall. From a hardware point of view, any touch device with at least four touch points is good for TToole.

Can I use it with my tablet?

Ordinary tablets do not support advanced multitouch so normally, it is not possible to run the TToole Workspace (the slave application) on a tablet. Tablets running Windows can be used to host the class and to create and edit content.

Does it run on Android?

Not yet but we have plans to support in the future. However, most installed multi-touch hardware is predominantly Windows based so we followed that route.

Does it run in a browser?

Unfortunately not, due to specific and key technical requirements. I’m afraid that if I purchase the hardware with TToole and then I stop using TToole, I will have wasted my money. With modern All-in-One PCs and multitouch screens, you are simply purchasing good quality PCs for your laboratory/classroom/workplace, and you can use this hardware for any other application.

Do I have to come to you every time I have to insert new content? How much will it cost me?

TToole comes with a content authoring tool is included in the price. This allows you to design and create your own content, upload it and share it with your audience. However, if you need a more professional look and feel of your content, we do provide that service. Please call us to discuss. TToole requires the cloud, but I don’t have a broadband connection in my organization. We have a server-based version in our roadmap. Please get in touch with us and we can let you know about its availability.

Do you have any customer references?

We have been working for almost three years in the medical education sector in learning projects based on touchtables. As the current version of TToole is new and has just been released we are actively looking for reference sites. Please call us to discuss or talk to your local reseller.