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Who is it for

TToole is designed for all professional trainers and supports collaboration and group work. Users do not require any special expertise or skills.

Using the tablet PCs, the session leader can play the role of teacher in several ways, by:

  • describing and explaining the content
  • encouraging discussion, the exchange of ideas, information and impressions among learners
  • letting the group spontaneously express what they consider the salient points of the question at the various stages; in this is case, the trainer plays a supervisory role, ensuring that the rules established for interaction are followed.

Once their workstation has been identified, learners can work on their own: to view slides, consult the literature regarding the issues discussed, take notes, surf the net, express their personal opinion on group choices; also contemplated are group activities such as brainstorming and the collective response stage.

All the possible activities can be combined to create a variety of training proposals, with constructivist theories as a common denominator. Within an environment organised specifically for the purpose, the aim is to stimulate critical reasoning, sharing and exchange, and to build a learning process that is meaningful both for the individual and the group with regard to technical skills (related to the acquisition of new content) and skills that cross over into a variety of sectors (related to the scope of relationships, organisation and problem solving).

Thus, using TToole as a teaching tool, it is possible to create programmes focused on methods that take proper account of metacognition, collaboration and the contextualisation of topics, as well as encouraging both individual learners and the group to work independently and responsibly, creating a situation where the teacher’s role evolves into a facilitator of learning, helping learners become increasingly aware of social dynamics and organisational skills.

Examples of these methods include collaborative and cooperative learning, Problem and Project-Based Learning and the flipped classroom.


TToole is based on the principle of Lifelong Learning. Described here are the skills developed through group training and work.

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