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What TToole is

TToole is a system for managing and creating training contents for group learning, designed for use on interactive screens and tables.

Creation of training content

Trainers can prepare content on a PC, using a module for uploading lessons, events and other training material such as presentations and multimedia elements. A special feature can be used to create group questions and discussions.

Content can be prepared at any time, in the classroom or at home.

Uploading content

Once ready, content is uploaded on a server via Internet.

Each table can be used by a maximum of 4 people. Tables are linked to each other, switched on and then the tablet PC is connected.

Working environment

The table is divided into virtual work spaces, arranged frontally or in parallel depending on the shape of the table and the considerations made by the trainer.

Each user sits at one of the work spaces on the table and signs in with their profile. This allows them to find their own documents, which may have been modified and had notes added during the preceding sessions.

Content visualisation

The trainer chooses the content to be visualised on the work space: this usually consists of presentations, multimedia content and discussions, the most important part of a training session.

Questions and discussion

During a discussion, the individual work spaces are hidden and the central space of the table is made accessible to everyone with symbol-based systems that encourage the involvement of the whole group.

Monitoring class performance
Trainers can use the tablet PC for real-time monitoring of how groups (sometimes individuals) are working and to help clarify doubts and guide discussion.