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How it works

TToole works on any interactive support featuring Windows 8 and is easy to use. The price is always clear and depends on your specific needs.

Thanks to the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle, you can pay based on the time each learner spends using the system.


TToole is based on the cloud principle: it is managed via remote servers and used through an Internet connection. This offers a whole range of advantages for the user:

  • it is not necessary to invest in IT infrastructures such as servers or network devices; we provide these, and they are automatically adjusted when there is a rise or fall in demand;
  • the software is automatically updated remotely, with no need for maintenance;
  • it is possible to calculate cost proportional to use; in particular, it is possible to register the use of each station and subsequently calculate the cost rather than having to activate a licence.

For an estimate of costs, send an e-mail to


TToole can be used on any interactive table, interactive PC or horizontal touch screen with a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) or higher and where the multi-touch solution can interact with Windows 8. It requires at least 10 touches to work, but the higher the number of touches detected at one time, the more fluid the interaction becomes. We recommend a 23” screen minimum, but two-person sessions are possible with a 20” screen.

Practix does not produce multi-touch hardware devices, but maintains well-established relations with most producers of this technology and thus can work as an intermediary for both sale and hire.

If you prefer to acquire the material yourself or to reuse the hardware you already have, please refer to this list of hardware devices that we have tested with our platform.

Besides the hardware to use as a support for group work, the following are also required:

  • a tablet PC equipped with Windows 8;
  • a computer with Windows 8 operating system to prepare the content. This PC does not have to actually be present in the training room; it can also be at the trainer's home.


A variety of types of hardware can be used with TToole.

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